Workshop Details

  • Payment is $45
  • Pillow and Blankets (if you chose to lay on the floor during breathing exercises)
  • Bring a notebook and pen to class.

The Cost of THIS Workshop


We found Serena’s talk riveting… A testimony of her spirtual journey and strength of her soul through a seemingly insurmountable experience of inconceivable yet real human brutality.

She inspired all of us to have hope for our own journeys and that of humanity.”

Unity of the Foothills
Evergreen, CO

Raised in a satanic cult and subjected from infancy to covert mind-control experiments, I developed over three hundred unique personalities in my courageous fight to stay alive. Through the guidance of my Soul and the commitment of one woman, I was able to integrate and set myself free from the darkness of my past. This is my story.

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