Moving to Portugal

Moving to Portugal

It felt exhilarating when I sensed that I was to move to Portugal in January 2023! I envisioned an adventure filled with joy. I laugh at myself because, more often than not, I innocently agree to my Soul’s guidance without the awareness of how uncomfortable that change can be. Thankfully, the conscious, compassionate breath that I practice allowed me to make shifts that opened me, filling me with a newfound strength. 

Fulfilling the requirements for the visa was extensive. Staying in the moment and trusting that I belong in Portugal was sometimes tricky. Each time I felt anxious, I took a breath, dropping deep into my core. I was clear fear was not allowed to be a part of this decision. 

Having to wait for the Portuguese government to make their decision was a challenge for me. But I knew that being the creator in my life meant that I was the one who was choosing to move to Portugal, and no one, not even someone in an official position, got to decide that for me. Everything fell into place as I stayed in the energy of yes.

My internal shifts were strenuous; they were accelerated at an uncomfortable rate. I continued to trust, opening, surrendering, and allowing. My passion to become all I am in human form propelled me forward, no matter how difficult things appeared in the moment. I was ecstatic when I received the email telling me my application was authorized. 

I teach people the value of showing up in their lives with no plan, no idea. Can I show up each day as I prepare to move, staying in my core in peace? It would be easier to make the decision only once and flow through each day without a ripple of distraction. But that is not the truth. My mind can rush off with plans of organizing things to make me feel safe. Surrendering that need, I discover how this move will be done effortlessly and gracefully from higher consciousness.

This is a massive change for me. Sometimes it feels scary. I feel I am embarking on an adventure with unlimited possibilities awaiting me. For that, I am grateful. It reflects how far I have come. I trust myself to allow this new life to unfold in ways I cannot imagine. 

As I continue to let go and discover, I expand consciously. My choice at the beginning of this lifetime was to become awakened, to experience myself as a conscious creator in human form. That is being honored with this move. Celebrate with me because my new life begins October 20, 2023, in Portugal!

My Belief in the Money Struggle

My Belief in the Money Struggle

I sense my desperation around making and having money. This is the block. My belief is I have to work to make money. As I write these words, I feel the anger and the fight connected to it. There is a drive connected to a desperate push. It is an excuse to keep fear. What if money could flow to me as easily as I breathe? I immediately hear the words, “That is not possible!” I feel the resistance in my physical body and realize it’s the belief that I am losing control. As I breathe, my head hurts. I feel anger pulsate throughout my body. The words “don’t let go” resonate through me. I know it is aspect energy and I intuitively go around the block and notice open space. Literal open space. Behind me is the wall, and I intentionally let it melt. I stand in the midst of a huge landscape abundant with warmth, beauty, peace, and safety. It is all that I need in each moment. No matter where I walk, my step lands on the cushioned ground, gently holding my foot. The air that I breathe fulfills me. The sun’s warmth is gratifying; it feeds my body with strength, comfort, and ease. I move gracefully, fully embraced, without needing to struggle, fight, or force.

“This inner landscape is as real as the physical world you are in,” I tell people. Most do not get it, but it is true. Each of us has to allow that to be true. As long as I keep fighting for money, this landscape eludes me because I fill it with obstacles. I create boulders, holes, rough terrain, and storms overhead; I fill it with struggle. I do this; no one else does!

The truth is every person has this landscape of freedom within themselves. This landscape is the consciousness of every individual. Every word, thought, and deed is a creation from us as individuals whether we are conscious of it or not. The belief that I have to work to have money is me blocking the flow of my abundance with my energy of no all because my mind wants to be in control. It likes this struggle because the fear feeds the mind its fix of adrenaline. To let go completely means the mind is not fed. To stand consciously, openly, allowing myself to receive from joy, in the energy of yes, with no struggle, no fight, is beyond the understanding of my mind. As with everything, this is done a breath at a time in discovery.

I choose to let go of the fight to make money. To integrate all aspects of struggle and fear around money.

The truth is, there is no subconscious mind anymore! Every human being on this planet now has the opportunity for full disclosure of their beliefs and limitations. If they are in struggle, it is they themselves choosing to stay in hiding because they are afraid of the brilliant, Divine beings that they are.

Mental Health Bio

Mental Health Bio

Serena was diagnosed with various mental disorders; severe depression, suicidal tendencies, compulsive overeating, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and finally with the correct diagnosis-dissociative identity disorder. Serena entered a 28-day hospital program for people suffering from dissociative issues, which turned into eight months of commitment due to her instability. As a result, she lost her three sons to foster care.

It took thirty-five years for Serena to heal and stop dissociating from stressful situations. She did it by connecting to her authentic self through the guidance of Norma Delaney, a woman who committed over twenty years to helping Serena heal. Through specific breath practices, integration, learning to stay in the moment, and differentiating between her trained mind and the truth, Serena overcame the trauma that controlled her for most of her life. She learned how to care for herself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Serena Masterson works full-time as a lending officer and is a chamber member in her hometown. She has close contact with her sons and enjoys speaking publicly about her journey, mentoring trauma clients, painting, writing, and going on walks.

Spiritual Bio

Spiritual Bio

Serena-Faith Masterson lived in victim energy, entirely controlled by a belief system that had been trained into her from birth. The belief system she operated from was the MK Ultra’s top-secret mind control program created by the CIA and the satanic cult establishment she was born into. She existed unconsciously, living in a constant state of dissociation. 

In 1996 she learned how to do the compassionate breath, which was the beginning of her new life. This conscious breath empowered her by connecting her to her body and Soul. 

Serena had always looked outside of herself for answers, but as she was guided to go within to seek her truth, she began to connect with her Essence. Serena discovered a wise, compassionate energy dwelling within herself. It was a healing balm to her constant pain and inner turmoil. Choosing non-judgment over fear and self-hatred was the alchemy that allowed authentic transformation. 

Serena had hated herself her entire life and believed she was broken. But she didn’t give up; instead, she continued to breathe and face her past with courage. Serena’s Soul did a dance of integration with the physical human. As Serena sat in the presence of her pain without resistance, it allowed it to come home, birthing her true identity. Year after year, as each choice was made, it layered itself one on top of the other, strengthening her. Serena came out of the bowels of hell to discover the brilliant, Devine human being that she is. 

Serena knows she is not a victim of her experience this lifetime. Instead, she knows she is the creator of everything she endured. These are not mere words; she knows it to be true. It resonates throughout her physicality, enlivening her. The choice to wake up to the game of fear this lifetime enables Serena to be a conscious creator. When she discovers a belief that keeps her stuck, she sits with it in the compassionate breath, allowing it to open without resistance, transforming into higher consciousness.  

Serena lives her life in gratitude. She mentors individuals worldwide interested in setting themselves free from their past trauma. Watching these people open to their Essence is one of her greatest joys. The wise, compassionate energy she emanates allows the person to safely let go into the embrace of their own exquisite Soul for healing. 

In 1995, before her healing journey, Serena’s Soul gave her the name Serena-Faith Masterson to support her in letting go of her identity of being a victim. It means; serene faith, master of the Christ within, which she now lives fully!



Compassionate breath is pure consciousness, which empowers the individual. It is stabilizing, grounding the individual in this now moment outside of the PTSD traumatic event. It is the vehicle to move memory, and the personality (aspect), into the individual’s wholeness (Soul). Without this pivotal piece, the trauma remains stuck energetically. This is what we call Soul Integration. Integration means into the greatness of me. 

All of us have had traumatic events in our life. That piece of energy is locked in our physical bodies, in space and time, which can keep us emotionally crippled. Through the breath, we transmute the event with the energy of compassion. 

Compassion is truth without feeling sorry for the individual. It is seeing the brilliance of another person no matter how they are presenting themselves. Trauma can integrate through breath combined with compassion. That is the miracle of this type of compassionate breath. It overcomes anxiety, depression, self-mutilation, PTSD, grief, rage, and a myriad of emotional coping skills by grounding the individual in this reality, bringing all of their energy back into their body, and strengthening their choice to live. It brings the individual into the present moment from a place of higher consciousness.

* The compassionate breath needs to be taught from an experienced individual who uses this breath themselves. 

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