Compassionate breath is pure consciousness, which empowers the individual. It is stabilizing, grounding the individual in this now moment outside of the PTSD traumatic event. It is the vehicle to move memory, and the personality (aspect), into the individual’s wholeness (Soul). Without this pivotal piece, the trauma remains stuck energetically. This is what we call Soul Integration. Integration means into the greatness of me. 

All of us have had traumatic events in our life. That piece of energy is locked in our physical bodies, in space and time, which can keep us emotionally crippled. Through the breath, we transmute the event with the energy of compassion. 

Compassion is truth without feeling sorry for the individual. It is seeing the brilliance of another person no matter how they are presenting themselves. Trauma can integrate through breath combined with compassion. That is the miracle of this type of compassionate breath. It overcomes anxiety, depression, self-mutilation, PTSD, grief, rage, and a myriad of emotional coping skills by grounding the individual in this reality, bringing all of their energy back into their body, and strengthening their choice to live. It brings the individual into the present moment from a place of higher consciousness.

* The compassionate breath needs to be taught from an experienced individual who uses this breath themselves. 

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