Is your past controlling you? Do you avoid being alone with yourself? Are you uncomfortable in your skin? I know this way of existing all too well. I had hoped that if I denied my past, it would somehow go away, but that was a lie. When I stopped running and began to experience authentic integration, I felt free like never before. Integration is the gift that higher consciousness has given to humankind. Through the compassionate breath of our Soul, we can integrate those things which block us from our true selves.

When I first learned to integrate, I believed it was to get rid of the pain, the aspect of memory that I was struggling with so that I could feel better. But that is not what integration is about! True integration invigorates us, feeding our bodies a form of aliveness that enlightens us to our true identity. It feeds our life force and allows that belief or memory or aspect of pain to come home INTO THE GREATNESS OF WHO WE ARE! As we breathe this new breath of our Soul and feel, really feel the stillness that dwells within us, and we choose to integrate from love, we set ourselves free to discover the essence of our beings. But don’t be fooled; integration is not a quick fix, and no one can do it for you.

When you read my memoir, I Am Serena; you will understand how integration birthed me from the chaos of existing with over three hundred different personalities into the woman I am today. I invite you to discover what integration can bring to your life.

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