Serena was diagnosed with various mental disorders; severe depression, suicidal tendencies, compulsive overeating, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and finally with the correct diagnosis-dissociative identity disorder. Serena entered a 28-day hospital program for people suffering from dissociative issues, which turned into eight months of commitment due to her instability. As a result, she lost her three sons to foster care.

It took thirty-five years for Serena to heal and stop dissociating from stressful situations. She did it by connecting to her authentic self through the guidance of Norma Delaney, a woman who committed over twenty years to helping Serena heal. Through specific breath practices, integration, learning to stay in the moment, and differentiating between her trained mind and the truth, Serena overcame the trauma that controlled her for most of her life. She learned how to care for herself mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Serena Masterson works full-time as a lending officer and is a chamber member in her hometown. She has close contact with her sons and enjoys speaking publicly about her journey, mentoring trauma clients, painting, writing, and going on walks.

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