It felt exhilarating when I sensed that I was to move to Portugal in January 2023! I envisioned an adventure filled with joy. I laugh at myself because, more often than not, I innocently agree to my Soul’s guidance without the awareness of how uncomfortable that change can be. Thankfully, the conscious, compassionate breath that I practice allowed me to make shifts that opened me, filling me with a newfound strength. 

Fulfilling the requirements for the visa was extensive. Staying in the moment and trusting that I belong in Portugal was sometimes tricky. Each time I felt anxious, I took a breath, dropping deep into my core. I was clear fear was not allowed to be a part of this decision. 

Having to wait for the Portuguese government to make their decision was a challenge for me. But I knew that being the creator in my life meant that I was the one who was choosing to move to Portugal, and no one, not even someone in an official position, got to decide that for me. Everything fell into place as I stayed in the energy of yes.

My internal shifts were strenuous; they were accelerated at an uncomfortable rate. I continued to trust, opening, surrendering, and allowing. My passion to become all I am in human form propelled me forward, no matter how difficult things appeared in the moment. I was ecstatic when I received the email telling me my application was authorized. 

I teach people the value of showing up in their lives with no plan, no idea. Can I show up each day as I prepare to move, staying in my core in peace? It would be easier to make the decision only once and flow through each day without a ripple of distraction. But that is not the truth. My mind can rush off with plans of organizing things to make me feel safe. Surrendering that need, I discover how this move will be done effortlessly and gracefully from higher consciousness.

This is a massive change for me. Sometimes it feels scary. I feel I am embarking on an adventure with unlimited possibilities awaiting me. For that, I am grateful. It reflects how far I have come. I trust myself to allow this new life to unfold in ways I cannot imagine. 

As I continue to let go and discover, I expand consciously. My choice at the beginning of this lifetime was to become awakened, to experience myself as a conscious creator in human form. That is being honored with this move. Celebrate with me because my new life begins October 20, 2023, in Portugal!

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