I sense my desperation around making and having money. This is the block. My belief is I have to work to make money. As I write these words, I feel the anger and the fight connected to it. There is a drive connected to a desperate push. It is an excuse to keep fear. What if money could flow to me as easily as I breathe? I immediately hear the words, “That is not possible!” I feel the resistance in my physical body and realize it’s the belief that I am losing control. As I breathe, my head hurts. I feel anger pulsate throughout my body. The words “don’t let go” resonate through me. I know it is aspect energy and I intuitively go around the block and notice open space. Literal open space. Behind me is the wall, and I intentionally let it melt. I stand in the midst of a huge landscape abundant with warmth, beauty, peace, and safety. It is all that I need in each moment. No matter where I walk, my step lands on the cushioned ground, gently holding my foot. The air that I breathe fulfills me. The sun’s warmth is gratifying; it feeds my body with strength, comfort, and ease. I move gracefully, fully embraced, without needing to struggle, fight, or force.

“This inner landscape is as real as the physical world you are in,” I tell people. Most do not get it, but it is true. Each of us has to allow that to be true. As long as I keep fighting for money, this landscape eludes me because I fill it with obstacles. I create boulders, holes, rough terrain, and storms overhead; I fill it with struggle. I do this; no one else does!

The truth is every person has this landscape of freedom within themselves. This landscape is the consciousness of every individual. Every word, thought, and deed is a creation from us as individuals whether we are conscious of it or not. The belief that I have to work to have money is me blocking the flow of my abundance with my energy of no all because my mind wants to be in control. It likes this struggle because the fear feeds the mind its fix of adrenaline. To let go completely means the mind is not fed. To stand consciously, openly, allowing myself to receive from joy, in the energy of yes, with no struggle, no fight, is beyond the understanding of my mind. As with everything, this is done a breath at a time in discovery.

I choose to let go of the fight to make money. To integrate all aspects of struggle and fear around money.

The truth is, there is no subconscious mind anymore! Every human being on this planet now has the opportunity for full disclosure of their beliefs and limitations. If they are in struggle, it is they themselves choosing to stay in hiding because they are afraid of the brilliant, Divine beings that they are.

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