I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder in the early 90s and took the typical route of working with therapists and doctors trained in that field to heal. But the harder I worked, the more new personalities emerged. I became so destabilized that I lost my three sons to foster care. The courts told me that if I integrated, I could hopefully get them back, but no matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t able to stabilize. I felt hopeless and out of control. That’s when I met Norma Delaney.

At our first meeting, Norma taught me how to breathe. After months of practicing the breath guided by Norma, I began to experience tiny moments where my mind quieted long enough to allow my body to relax. As I lay on the massage table trying to focus, I kept switching into different personalities. My body quaked with fear, but I didn’t give up.

After years of practicing this breath, I began to feel my inner compassion. It filled me, allowing for authentic integration to be born from my Soul. Fear, which had been my constant companion, began to wane. Don’t be fooled; it wasn’t easy. I discovered the light within me with Norma’s intuitive compassion and my Soul’s guidance. This sweet Soul breath allowed for compassionate integration, where no part of me was left behind. I am grateful that I didn’t know how long this journey would take because I might have given up. But Norma’s unwavering commitment to me kept me walking the integration journey.

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