Serena-Faith Masterson lived in victim energy, entirely controlled by a belief system that had been trained into her from birth. The belief system she operated from was the MK Ultra’s top-secret mind control program created by the CIA and the satanic cult establishment she was born into. She existed unconsciously, living in a constant state of dissociation. 

In 1996 she learned how to do the compassionate breath, which was the beginning of her new life. This conscious breath empowered her by connecting her to her body and Soul. 

Serena had always looked outside of herself for answers, but as she was guided to go within to seek her truth, she began to connect with her Essence. Serena discovered a wise, compassionate energy dwelling within herself. It was a healing balm to her constant pain and inner turmoil. Choosing non-judgment over fear and self-hatred was the alchemy that allowed authentic transformation. 

Serena had hated herself her entire life and believed she was broken. But she didn’t give up; instead, she continued to breathe and face her past with courage. Serena’s Soul did a dance of integration with the physical human. As Serena sat in the presence of her pain without resistance, it allowed it to come home, birthing her true identity. Year after year, as each choice was made, it layered itself one on top of the other, strengthening her. Serena came out of the bowels of hell to discover the brilliant, Devine human being that she is. 

Serena knows she is not a victim of her experience this lifetime. Instead, she knows she is the creator of everything she endured. These are not mere words; she knows it to be true. It resonates throughout her physicality, enlivening her. The choice to wake up to the game of fear this lifetime enables Serena to be a conscious creator. When she discovers a belief that keeps her stuck, she sits with it in the compassionate breath, allowing it to open without resistance, transforming into higher consciousness.  

Serena lives her life in gratitude. She mentors individuals worldwide interested in setting themselves free from their past trauma. Watching these people open to their Essence is one of her greatest joys. The wise, compassionate energy she emanates allows the person to safely let go into the embrace of their own exquisite Soul for healing. 

In 1995, before her healing journey, Serena’s Soul gave her the name Serena-Faith Masterson to support her in letting go of her identity of being a victim. It means; serene faith, master of the Christ within, which she now lives fully!

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